**ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE BBC President Jamie Sweet**

cc3daf839fd3dd0e8f59edf28106a1a1As president of the BBC and the Founder of Shorty Bull, I do everything within my control to keep our breed on track and moving forward. It seems lately we’ve had a lot of inquiries about foundation breeding’s and accepted Shorty Bull colors, and patterns.

I would like to announce the BBCs stance on Foundation Breeding’s. Foundation Breeding is necessary to build a breed and it should be used to bring in new blood, preserve traits or reinforce traits that are being lost. Foundation breeding is not for beginners, as its purpose must be completely understood along with the risks of involved. Risks can be lessened by the complete dismissal of 1year old’s that do not fit within the requirements set forth in the breed standard. Foundation breeding’s require ample space as puppies will not be officially evaluated until the age of 1 year.

Shorty Bulls are not created by breeding other breeds to a Shorty Bull and calling it such. The reasoning behind the 1 year waiting period is to ensure that the dogs bred, or fitting the breed standard, in type, temperament, and overall soundness. This is also why there must be an approval process of which individual dogs can be used, as dogs may produce 1, or 2 dogs that will be accepted, but their individual type will be lacking and introducing said dogs to the gene pool can be more damaging, than beneficial in the long run.

Any person considering Foundation Breeding must have preapproval BEFORE the breeding is done.

Pictures (Front, Side, Rear, Top) as well as videos moving towards camera, away, and displaying side gait, of Sire and Dam must be presented at time of applying for F1 approval.

Upon completion of approved breeding all pups must be accounted for, via number of pups and pictures. Upon year old physical examination all dogs deemed unworthy of FI status, or meeting necessary requirements will have to be altered (spayed/neutered) these dogs will no longer be eligible to be used in F1 programs. The dogs approved will be eligible to be shown as well as bred.

Anyone considering Foundation Breeding’s MUST SUBMIT A RESUME PRIOR TO BREEDING. Said resume shall be typed and shall include a detailed summary of breeding experience, your personal goals for the foundation breeding you propose and a detailed explanation of your plans with each resulting puppy. Lastly, explain how this particular F1 breeding helps the Shorty Bull breed as a whole.

Resumes will be reviewed by a panel of master breeders and preapproval will be given on an individual basis by BBC. F1 breeding’s that are deemed beneficial to the breed will be monitored and evaluated by BBC and the breeder for the first year and final decision on acceptance will be determined by BBC.

In an effort to protect the integrity of the breed at this time the BBC will not accept foundation breeding’s from any other registry.

Colors- BBC accepts all colors WITH THE EXCEPTION OF Black and Tan, Merle or Tri Markings in any shade



What is it? Why is it important? What’s the ideal one supposed to look like?

Underjaw refers to the shape and degree of curve in the lower jaw. There are so many other parts of the dog we pay specific attention to, the underjaw might seem like it has little to no importance.
The underjaw is a very important part of the dog and one of the features that can make or break expression and can even affect the soundness of the dog if it is grossly mishapen.

How does this important part of head type go so unnoticed? Its a deeper level of dog knowledge and one of the parts of the head that can change the entire expression. When we begin learning about type, we learn that expression is one of the five components. We learn that type is what sets breeds apart in defiance breeds amongst other similar breeds. With the shorty bull being a composite breed, made from other established bull breeds, it must have its own definitive type. The under jaw is one of the features unique to the shorty bull and different from the ancestors used in the creation.

If you look at the side profile of the bulldog you should see that the curved under jaw that is very prominent. If you look at the French Bulldog the jaw is not nearly as prominent as the bulldog. And the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is completely different then the French Bulldog and the bulldog with much less upward curve to the lower jaw.

The ideal shorty bull should have a curved under jaw that clamps together when closed and the curve should be visible when looking at a profile of the head. When viewing from the lower jaw should be wide. The curve should be greater than the curve you see in a French Bulldog but less than the curve seen on an English Bulldog. Remember that the underjaw and the underbite are different parts. Too much curve in the underjaw results in a scoop and a lack of underjaw gives the expression of longer lips and when viewed from the front, it appears the dog has ‘no chin’ or just a tiny triangle of underjaw visible when ideally it should round out the bottom of the face when viewed by the profile.

If youve ever looked at a dogs head and said, “Theres something different looking, but i cant put my finger on it, it just looks different”? Its because we need to be looking at the head in parts and as a whole. The underjaw, the eye set, the eye shape, the nose, the fill on either side of the muzzle, the space between the ears, the prominent cheeks all make up the expression. A change in any of these features changes expression. These are the features that dedicated breeders “fine tune”. They are the very things overlooked by new fanciers and the things that affect a judges decision when both dogs are very close overall.

Hope this helps you understand the breed a bit more and gives you another thing to strive for in your breeding programs. The underjaw…one little piece that can make or break the whole dog.

Written by Jamie Sweet – BBC President July 29th 2016

Shorty Bull Under-jaw.

Shortybull Introduction


Not many families of dogs have had the constant re-interpretation the Bull Breeds have had. Since the first bulldog fell from the sky and took its first snort we’ve been fascinated and captivated by its command of one’s attention.bootsy

The newest cocktail from the bulldog blender comes in the form of a small package of nothing short of TNT. For a long time the choices for bull breeds in a 25-35lb travel size has been limited. Recent “designer breeds” like Puggles or Mini English have left the bull breed fancier at a loss for a TRUE bulldog. Adding non- bull breeds to the mix is like mixing salt into your coffee… the aroma is still there, but it tastes like crap!

This where the SHORTY BULL comes into play. You need look no further than these short-legged bulldozers on nitrous to find TRUE bulldog attitude and grit, mixed with some new style in a more bite-size package.

The Shorty combines some of the older bull breeds while focusing on unique characteristics and type to distinguish itself from the group. A Shorty shouldn’t be confused with another bulldog, but may share some colors from the bully palette. These little dynamos should have typical bulldog tenacity and vigor with added staying power from it’s more refined and re-worked chassis.

Urban apartment and condo dwellers will not be disappointed in their choice of this breed as a competent companion and guardian as the Shorty will possess a protective nature. Shortys have been worked by some in various working venues such as protection sport, agility, weight pulling and obedience. The temperament and drive of this dog would surprise those used to handling more diminutive breeds like Pugs or Bostons.

Its birth has been explosive and has gained momentum with every breeding. Several teams have emerged with goals of developing their own lines of Shorty Bulls. The drama that comes with any bull breed’s development is unlike any other group of dogs it seems, and lines are drawn on all sides…although one camp has solidified itself through hard work and a strong ideal of what the Shorty should be.Sabotage 2 yrs 288

This camp is owned and operated by one of the 2 founders of the Shorty and surely the originator of the concept itself… Jaime Sweet of the long standing bull breed kennel known as BLUE RIVER BULLDOGS. With roots in bull breeds ranging from American Pit Bull terriers, American Bulldogs and Olde English Bulldogges BLUE RIVER has devoted blood, sweat & tears to their program. With an emphasis on WORKING temperament & ability coupled with bully looks, BLUE RIVER has developed their own signature style and swagger that many simply struggle to follow.

Jaime Sweet has carved the standard of the Shorty Bull into stone and strives for excellence with each step with strict emphasis on setting the breed apart from the pack. This is done by coupling a devoted registry set up to track & archive Shorty pedigrees called the BULL BREED COALITION (BBC) with testing and evaluation for Shortys under the BREED CAPABILITY TEST (BCAP- I, II and III). This infrastructure ensures the Shorty is not bred and sold merely for profit while degenerating like so many other bull breeds have. Keep an eye out for those breeding and promoting nothing more than pretty faces for top dollar without offering testing to monitor quality.

BLUE RIVER sets the bar continually with top notch breedings that are planned in advance to promote type and temperament. The Shorty needs to be handled by someone who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty….These aren’t yorkies! Constant observation of progeny and breeding stock is needed and knowledge of bulldog development and husbandry is paramount. Not all Shortys will develop into qualified breeding stock and culling dogs from a breeding program is important.

Contributions from outside programs are approved by BLUE RIVER directly before they can carry the Shorty Bull name. Using unrelated stock in the gene pool keeps diversity and vigor in the breeding stock available.

The Shorty Bull should be a stout, small bully…but never fragile. The grit should be evident and even youngsters show a cocky swagger from the minute they leave the whelping box. The Shorty is a low rider but is capable of short flights in an effort to capture any flirt pole or bite tug. Firm training will keep these beasts in order.

With its Bull Breed ingredient list, this breed is a blend of the best qualities of each while striving to overcome some of the congenital and structural set-backs afflicting it’s bully cousins. There’s fire in the belly of every Shorty BLUE RIVER builds.skidz1

The ever expanding color palette brings shades of fawns, reds, chocolates, black, white, pieds and brindles in all shades. Color should never be a factor in breeding good Shortys, but there’s something for everyone in this cookie jar.

The Official Breed standard has been carefully laid out by the Bull Breed Coalition and it describes the attributes of a TRUE Shorty. While other clubs & organizations have sprung up, the BBC maintains the highest qualifications for Shorty development. Shows with BBC sanctioned judges will showcase the cream of the crop in the conformation ring and the working field. Some registries will piggy-back on the tails of other registries to carry their shows and rely on the forums of others to promote themselves, but the BBC stands alone to ensure the Shorty is its SOLE focus with a qualified team appointed by Jaime Sweet herself.

Small dogs, in general, don’t enjoy the rough play of children sometimes… the possibility of injury is unfortunately a problem for many small breeds, but not the Shorty. These sturdy bullys have the nuts & bolts to be a play partner for the kids and have a temperament suitable for family environments. If Dennis the Menace lives at your house, he may have met his match in the Shorty Bull!

The Shorty will surely take its rightful place alongside the American companion breeds. The development will continue as long as dedicated bulldoggers like BLUE RIVER keep their eye on the prize. Striking like bolts of bulldog lightening will be a breed that commands respect from the rest of the pack and bulldozes its way into the hearts of dog lovers from all corners of the world.

Some bull breeds have been described as “dogs of velvet & steel”. I feel this encompasses the ideal of the Shorty in that beneath an exterior of loving softness and wet smooches beats the heart of a lion with an electricity which flows out from the leash and cannot be ignored…you’ll see this phenomena when you walk your first Shorty… make no mistake.

The future is now…and SMALL is the new big!