French Bulldog

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The ideal French Bulldog is a small, compact bulldog possessing a friendly nature and outgoing demeanor.

HEIGHT: 12” at the shoulder

WEIGHT: 30 lbs. for males, females slightly smaller

HEAD: Large and square in proportion to the body. Top of the skull should be flat between the ears. Well defined stop. Moderate to heavy wrinkles on head. Muzzle is broad, deep and very short.

EYES: Round in size, brown is the preferred color. Eyes should not protrude from skull.

EARS: Bat ears, carried erect and set high on the head. Any ears other than bat ears are a fault.

NOSE: Black or liver colored nose in dogs with light coat color.

BITE: Undershot but not excessively undershot. Teeth should be contained inside the mouth. Heavy flews. Underjaw should be wide and well turned up.

NECK, TOPLINE, BODY: Neck should be thick and well arched. Loose skin at the throat. Short back in proportion to the height and should be roached. Broad shoulders and slightly narrow at the loins. Body should be well rounded with a tucked belly. Chest is broad and deep.

FOREQUARTERS: Forelegs are short and heavy boned. Legs should be straight and set wide apart. Feet should be tight and straight forward, toes compact and knuckled up. Easty Westy feet or splayed feet are a fault.

HINDQUARTERS: Strong well muscled hindquarters, slightly longer than the forelegs lending to the roach back. Hocks well let down with moderate angulation.

GAIT: Unrestrained and able to move freely.

COAT/COLOR: Coat should be short and smooth. All colors acceptable except black and tan and merle.

TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate and naturally good natured with an even disposition. Generally active and alert companions.