The Bull Breed Coalition is a registry dedicated to the documentation and preservation of pedigrees.  It is our goal to record and maintain accurate lineage and to establish a database for established breeds as well as all evolving breeds.


Professional Registration Services

Since the inception of the Shortybull, the Bull Breed Coalition has been keeping track of the stud records and breeding’s of the ever evolving Shortybull breed.  As the breed has grown so has the BBC. We now offer services to several other breeds including Olde English Bulldogges, French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs and a few more to come.  With a vast and growing knowledge of the effort and time that breeders put into their programs, we at the BBC are here to make registration services simple and straight forward. We offer services that help expedite paper work in a manner that is friendly and efficient. If you have any questions regarding registration of one of our many recognized breeds or need registration services please contact us! BBC.Registry@gmail.com