Obedience Titles

Leash must remain loose during all phases of Obedience-­1.

OB-­1: Walk 24 paces, make about turn and proceed 4 paces. Halt and sit dog with verbal or non-­‐verbal command. Leash correction is a fault. On judge’s signal, continue toward judge 20 paces, come to a stop and down the dog. Leave dog in the down position and walk away 12 paces. Dog must remain in the down position for a minimum of 20 seconds. Walk back to dog, pick up leash and dog must remain in down position until judge signals that the exercise is complete. End of OB-­‐1

OB-­2: Heel up field no less than 20 paces, no more than 15 paces and down or sit dog in motion while you continue 20 paces. Recall to front finish or heel finish. Heel dog up the field 40 paces, sit dog on pause box and continue without dog 20 paces. Turn and face dog, recall to front or heel position. End of OB-­‐2

OB-­3: Repeat OB-­‐1 and OB-­‐2 off leash ending on pause box. Off pause box, heel off pool full of water bottles and sit dog in pool on judge’s command, then down dog. The dog must stay in pool while you walk 15 paces away from the dog. On judge’s command ,recall dog to front or heel position. On judge’s command, heel with dog to 36″ vertical jump. Handler stands no more than 10′ away from jump, throws object of choice and dog must go over jump, retrieve object and come back over jump. On judge’s command, heel over to 48″ long jump. Starting point will be 15 paces away from jump. Dog must go over jump (no contact with jump) and jump only has to be one way. End of OB-­‐3.